Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies that dealerships can conduct. Email marketing yields better results in comparison to social media. As per a market study conducted by SocialTwist, emails convert new customers more compared to Facebook and Twitter. SocialTwist observed 119 referral campaigns from different companies, and found that out of 300,000 referrals that became new customers, 50.8% were reached via email, 26.8% via Twitter and 22% via Facebook. Email marketing can be a smart way to drive customers to your business.

Email Strategies


Here are some email marketing strategy tips to implement at your dealership:

Increase the response rate through personalized emails

To enhance open rates, your dealership may need to send personalized mails to your targeted audience. However, due to cyber security concerns about identity theft, fraud and social security– a majority no longer prefers receiving emails with personalized greeting messages like Dear Mr. <First Name, Last Name>.

The email objective of your car dealership is to strengthen the relationship with the recipient. You need to ascertain that your targeted audience knows or trusts you already, before you shoot an email to them with personalized greetings.

On the other end, you can send personalized emails by acknowledging the past purchase history, demographics and try to cross-sell and up-sell to the mail recipient. To increase the response rate, you need to address specific needs and wants of the targeted audience.

Write effective subject lines to capture the attention

If you thought your email subject lines with the standard 60-70 character limits would increase the response rate, then you are wrong. As per Adestra, that tracked 900 million emails for a market report, there is no consequent effect of 60-70 character limits on either the Click-Through-Rate(CTR) or the open rate of the email. The researcher found that the email subject lines with more than 70 characters had high CTR, while the subject lines with 49 characters and below had high open rates. Hence, keep the statistics in mind before you write an effective email subject line for increased CTR and open rate.

Best time to send a marketing email

If you send emails only during business hours, then you may miss to capture the huge amount of traffic from 8 pm to midnight. As per the Experian Marketing report, emails sent during the night time have higher open rates than the ones sent during 9am to 5pm office hours. For improved responses, use night (8pm to midnight) hours, as during the day your competitors may be trying to send different email marketing messages to your prospects, which may crowd the inbox of the recipient. Hence, use the night hour if you want more CTRs and open rates for your email messages.

Best day for email marketing campaigns

The Experian Marketing data shows the unique views and clicks of email messages during a weekend is higher than other working days. Only about 9 to 10% of  businesses run email-marketing campaigns during Saturdays and Sundays. It is during the weekend that a majority checks his/her personal emails, and your dealership can target your audience more on Saturday and Sunday for better email response rates.

Send free content to improve your email marketing efforts

Everybody loves the word FREE, and your targeted audience is not any different. Try to offer free content to the recipient, relevant to their needs and wants. As per the BlueWireMedia report, the email messages with offerings like free templates and tools had high CTRs than the emails with e-Books, featured blogs, expert interviews, brainteasers, photo albums etc. Try to send free content to recipients to improve email response rates.

Make your newsletter more mobile friendly

As per Litmus, an email-marketing agency – mobile phones account for 48% of email open rates. Make sure your email messages, newsletters etc. are mobile friendly, and compatible with Smartphone screens and other high-end devices of email recipients. Here are some tips to optimize your email messages for mobile phones:

  •         For your email, use a one-column template
  •         Ensure the correct fonts for better readability
  •         Buttons in the email should be at least 44 x 44 pixels (iOS guidelines)
  •         The Call-to-Action should be easy to tap, and above the fold

Do not give up on your inactive customers

You should try different email marketing strategies to connect with your inactive or past customers. Your objective should be to reignite your business relationship with past customers and email subscribers. Track their past purchase history, demographics and other details and send them customized emails addressing their specific needs and wants.

Hope these email marketing tips will help your dealership in creating an effective email marketing strategy to captivate your audience and reignite customer relationships to help in improving traffic, leads and sales.



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