Driving sales is vital to any business. Without revenues there can be no profit. At a car dealership, a CRM solution is very important for supporting sales and associated marketing efforts. CRM and other integrated business tools often represent a new way of selling. The challenge for many owners or sales managers is getting your sales workers to use the system on a regular basis.

Although a CRM is essential for any dealership or business looking for leads and customers, many salespeople do not like using CRM systems because they see the tool as a source of additional management oversight. This viewpoint is unfortunate because a CRM can exponentially support their sales efforts and make them better sales people.

Once your sales force understands the importance of your CRM and how it can really impact their work, the benefits will sell itself.

The benefits of engaging your sales support team with a customizable and intuitive CRM are numerous. Here are suggestions to help with getting your sales and sales support team engaged with a CRM solution.

1. Provide Training

Most of the time, managers believe that they can train their staff on a new system in an hour long workshop and then their representatives will be prepared and ready to go. Although CRM systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, this just is not the situation. If you want your sales reps to adopt the new system, they need to be confident in their ability to use it properly. In order to ensure success, invest time in training your sales reps. Make employees use the system and then have a meeting to review questions they have and see how they are doing. The management team can also help by importing existing accounts and contacts into the new CRM to make it easier for the team to get started. Most CRM companies will offer some training services and resources for free or for a nominal fee.

2. Set Expectations

Let the sales team know that they will be expected to use the CRM every day to record leads, customers, activities, opportunities and other relevant information. Inspect what you expect by viewing the data and see how the team is using the CRM system. Check weekly that your sales reps are recording activities in the CRM and if they are not using the system, ask them why. Make them realize that using the CRM is now a part of their job and that their performance will be reviewed with this in mind.

3. Use the CRM for Everything

One of the biggest benefits of a CRM is the simplification of customer follow-ups, contact lists, forecasts, and other sales and marketing related activities. These can all be created using data from the CRM. Generating automatic reports using the CRM will save time for the sales and marketing team.

4. Ensure Senior Leadership uses the CRM too. 

The dealerships management group should use the system as well, and set the model for their sales reps. Management can run reports themselves, instead of asking a rep for information. Using the CRM system in a live estimate review is very influential. Not getting the leadership team to use the CRM is often the major reason for an unsuccessful CRM implementation. And if your sales people don’t believe that management has fully supported the new system, it will be a tough sell to get them participating.

To learn more about using an integrated dealership CRM to manage past customers, new leads and close more deals, contact one of our representatives to see a demo of our built-in CRM: www.proautomanager.com/signup-livedemo 


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