For businesses in common, and auto dealerships especially, the social network has shaped both pitfalls and opportunities. The number of ways to communicate with the customer has given dealers the chance to connect with customers at precisely the right instant when they are ready to buy, but by the same time, dealers now need to be ready to communicate with customers efficiently on a variety of different platforms and persuade them to buy from their dealership.

Study shows that 69% of car buyers use social media in their dealership. A study by revealed that, “28% of the consuming population feels that social media considerably influences the narrowing of their brand or model consideration. 27% said social media very much influences their recognition of a dealership from which to purchase.” In addition to the power of social media on purchases in general, the study also found that, “Approximately two-thirds of those who use Facebook in the automotive purchase path indicated that a friend’s positive post about a brand or vehicle certainly impacts their own judgment of that brand or vehicle. So Social media should be a important part of any auto dealership’s marketing plan moving into 2015. Although many consumers want to physically see an automobile before they purchase it, a strong social media strategy can sell them on your dealership before they even walk through the door.

Simply posting things to Facebook and Twitter like you would a pin board or website is not enough.  Social media is intended to be a platform for conversation, a form of interaction.  People post, publicly, their requirements and their desires.  A person of your community waits to be engaged through social media.  You can get involved with local charity events, talk to brand supporters in real time.  You can see what the people of your sales area are saying about your dealership, about your brand.  Find people who are interested in cars, buying cars or having issues with cars.  By building these interactions you’re creating potential customers.












How Dealers Can Utilize Social Media

  • A variety of social sites that include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, WordPress, LinkedIn and many more, allow dealers to reach different audiences with different content (i.e. specials, community outreach, industry news, inventory updates, etc.)
  • Mobile is a rapidly growing medium that is out pacing the time spent on laptops. So make sure your social networks are up to date and ready to engage with customers that might be near or in your dealership.
  • Social media is used by anyone 18 – 65+ years of age, men and women, all household incomes, all population density, all education levels, and all races.
  • Unlike a newspaper ad or billboard, most social media sites have analytics that measure the demographics, usage, reach, engagement, fan growth, and many more insights about your audience. Understanding your analytics can narrow your focus to optimize campaigns and focus on the metrics that matter to your business.



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