We are excited to announce a new Pro Auto Manager integration that brings Google Contacts Two-Way sync to our built-in Automotive CRM.

One of the key benefits that this Google Contacts sync integration brings to our clients is that it centralizes contacts in one place. Centralizing contacts in one place allows our clients to take actionable steps with their contacts in order to maximize on revenue and the lifetime value of each customer.

We found that a lot of dealerships had their contacts scattered in different places that were being managed by different people. Our Automotive CRM allows dealerships to start inputting those contacts they have on pieces of paper or that are in an Excel sheet directly in their CRM. And now with our integration with Google Sync, dealerships can sync their Google contacts from their Google account as well as from the CRM into their Google account.

PR PAM_Google Sync


When syncing contacts from a Google mail account, dealerships can specify contacts to Groups or Organizations in the CRM in order to better organize and manage contacts.

This is just one of many new features that we are adding into the Pro Auto Manager in order to increase user experience and efficiency at dealerships. Stay tuned for more updates on the Pro Auto Manager!





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