Are you using mobile advertising to steer today’s car buyers your way?  The way consumers buy vehicles has changed as the use of mobile devices has increased. Shoppers are researching vehicles whenever and wherever they are, and searching through more and more dealer websites. Consumers are using mobile devices to exploit “shop competitive inventory”, a practice commonly referred to as “show-rooming” in other retail environments where shoppers can competitively shop and buy online while in a brick and mortar retail outlet.

Vehicle shoppers have easy access to more information than those shopping in any other retail industry. Consumers use multiple information sources throughout the research process in their mobile to learn about the vehicles, shopping process, what price to pay and even dealer invoice cost. But shoppers only refer to a few key sources when at the dealership.

Connecting with people on a mobile device is a very personal experience, and more than half (58%) of shoppers indicated a preference for either a mobile site or app to access automotive content.

A recent survey by Google, finds that 34% of car consumers start their purchasing path on mobile devices, and the rate of video completion for mobile banner vehicle ads was an astonishing 79.8%, the best of all verticals during 2013. Put these stats into action today. Car shoppers want to see the cars you sell in action on their mobile devices. Your audience is there, and they’re spending time on mobile devices when researching car purchases. You can engage them effectively with mobile videos.

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As shoppers continue to grow more comfortable with and increasingly leverage mobile as a companion on their automotive retail journey, manufacturers and local dealers must make sure they are prepared for this new type of digitally empowered and constantly related consumer, tailoring their marketing and in-store processes to align with new mobile shopping behaviors, or risk losing opportunities to competitors who quickly take a mobile-first approach to their business.

According to study findings, the influence of mobile device use is most evident when comparing the number of dealerships visited. Automotive shoppers using a mobile device on the lot are 72% more likely to visit additional dealerships. Nearly two-thirds (62%) of mobile on the lot users visited additional dealers within a day, while only 36% of those not using mobile on the lot moved on to other dealers.
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Getting a shopper to the showroom is a good indicator they are ready to buy, but closing the sale requires going a step further. Information found on mobile devices is a key driver of this trend and speaks to mobile’s impact on the purchase path. Among those who accessed automotive content while at a dealership, 52% visited additional dealerships due to information found on their mobile device while considering a vehicle right in front of them. Advertising played a key role in influencing these shoppers, as online advertisements lured 33% of shoppers to competing dealerships.


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