Dealership Management

Managing your dealership has never been so easy.

PAM makes inventory reports, sales and expense tracking, total sales and more, easy to see, fun to look at and most importantly, you do not need to be a technical expert or an accountant to pull the metrics that are key for your dealerships success. PAM takes the financial measurements that are key to your dealership and creates interactive charts and drill down tables to reveal the real-time financial health of your dealership.

The Pulse of your Dealership is in the Numbers. PAM shows you what is important with a few clicks.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Managing Inventory just got easier. We know how important it is for your dealership to have an accurate snapshot of your inventory which is why PAM is packed full of useful features for your dealership to use.

Fast and Easy to Setup

As a web based software, there are no messy installations required. PAM can be accessed from anywhere on any device. The set up process is quick and easy and our support team helps you get set up. Our training will make sure that you and your team are comfortable and ready to use the application.

Exportable Data

Your dealership can generate your own backup files of your data on a weekly or monthly basis using PAM’s export data feature to CSV files.

Window Sticker

The PAM system will automatically create window stickers for each vehicle added to inventory. Simply complete all the necessary fields and print!

Multiple Dealership Locations

PAM has the built-in capability to manage multiple dealership locations from one application which makes the day-to-day management seamless and easier for you.

Integration with Auto Trader

PAM syndicates with your current Auto Trader account to allow you to upload vehicles to PAM to make sure you are managing your inventory from all your marketing initiatives.

We are offering a 30 day, risk free, money back guarantee! Give it a try!

The Pro Auto Manager is the most easy to use application in the auto industry.

The most intuitive and easy-to-use Sales and Marketing Automation application in the auto industry.