TieiT App for Dealerships

The most intuitive and easy-to-use Sales and Marketing Automation application in the auto industry.

We have spent countless months planning and designing a sales and marketing automation application for Dealerships. We went back to the drawing board countless times and made sure to only include features that will help Dealerships drive in more leads and close more sales. We carefully designed the interface to be simple. We know how busy a day at the dealership can get, so we wanted this application to help you get that under control without making it complicated. We called it TieiT because it ‘ties’ all of your sales and marketing initiatives on one easy to use platform.

Inventory Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our easy to use CRM allows you to streamline your day with useful features that will keep you on track and help you focus on your core business and selling more vehicles. TieiT keeps track of where your leads and contacts are coming from so you can connect and move them along the sales pipeline.

Associate deals with leads and contacts in your CRM to track and convert more leads to increase sales. Use TieiT to manage your day and tasks for yourself and your salespeople. Assign tasks, set deadlines and keep your team on track.

Email Marketing

The built-in Email Marketing module will help you send targeted email campaigns to your contacts directly from your CRM, without having to login to another application. You can easily create lists, segment your contacts and schedule emails to make sure you are staying in touch with your customers and leads.

Select from pre-designed and high converting email marketing templates, easily edit and add images, select recipients and send! We made it as simple as possible to help you keep in touch with your customers.

Social Media Management

Customers today are using social media at increasing levels to review businesses, products and to read reviews. This means that being active on social media is more important than ever for your dealership. We understand the importance of your dealership becoming social and becomes your full-fledged and full time social media manager. Our application helps you manage and engage with your customers and generate new leads using an integrated, powerful Social Media Management application.

Engage with past customers and find new opportunities. Create streams and search conversations of the key phrases that matter to you. Our application will schedule and publish messages in advance so you can stay consistent so your social media is still active even if your days get busy.

Automate your Marketing

We make it easy to build workflows based on customer behaviour so that certain actions can be taken automatically to make sure you are staying on top of your leads.

Easily determine what automatic actions will be taken at certain stages of your customers buying cycle. Once you create a workflow, the application will remember to do your follow-ups and send emails for you to help you stay in touch with leads and never forget.

The workflows help you stay ahead of your competition because you can now keep your dealership top of mind for all your leads and customers.

Analytics & Reporting

Take actionable steps and know where to effectively spend your marketing dollars by gaining real insights into how your website and other online marketing efforts are performing.

Learn where your traffic is coming from - organic search results, social media, links or online ads. You will also be able to view real-time reports on the number of website visits, bounce rates, time on site, click-through rates and more.

We are offering a 30 day, risk free, money back guarantee! Give it a try!

The Pro Auto Manager is the most easy to use application in the auto industry.

The most intuitive and easy-to-use Sales and Marketing Automation application in the auto industry.